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Maureen J. Korte Professional Storyteller Custom to Canon

The Edna Griffin Story
A one-act play about Des Moines civil rights activist Edna Griffin. This play can be done by Maureen or with another actor or actress.

Stars & Stories
Stories of the solar system, constellations, astronauts, and the Space Race. Second grade and older, with different stories for different ages.

Kids' Stuff
Stories that kids have written, including Maureen. Some of them are spooky. Lessons on how to write your own stories. For all ages but best for elementary and middle school. Stories, Stories, Stories Stories just for the fun of it. A blend of different stories with lots of audience participation.

Give a Guy a Chance
Stories of friendship, teamwork, character, and heroism. Tales of conflict that show natural and logical consequences. This program has stories for all six pillars of character. This workshop was developed for college-level sociology classes on human relations, but it is very appropriate for all ages and classes. It is also an excellent presentation for spiritual classes and religious education programs. This performance has many different stories and lots of audience participation for all ages.

Everyone Loves a Poet
Stories of the poet, plus teaching children and adults how to create poetry.
The History of Storytelling
A program of multicultural legends and folktales along with the history of the oral tradition in story form. Much audience participation. All ages.

Myths & Legends
Ancient myths from all cultures. Includes Greek myths from Gaea to Pandora with a modern twist. Sixth grade and older. Great for high school English, theater, and world studies.

War & Peace
Stories of different wars. Peace stories from many cultures. Includes personal stories. Fifth grade and older

Winter and Holiday Story
Includes personal stories and traditional classics. Lots of puppets and paper cutting and folding. Loads of audience participation. All ages, with different stories for different ages.

Let's Write a Story
This is a workshop on how to develop a story. Students will learn how to create descriptive phrases, how to make an old story new, and how to develop stage presence and characterization. Native American Stories Native American tales from many nations. Can be performed in costume. All ages.

Making It Personal
Stories of humor and love about growing up the youngest of six and being the mother of boys. This set includes holiday stories. Great humor for adults. Can be followed by a workshop on writing and performing personal stories. All ages.

Literacy Program
This is usually a two-part program. Stories are told to students during the school day and then at night for the entire family. This program includes pattern stories and tips on creating stories for those who do not read and write. All ages.